If you want more information about all the snakes in florida you should visit the frontpage of florida snakes. If you have some videos you would like to have included here, please feel free to e-mail it to me. The videos below include a video of a copperhead snake, a rattlesnake, a garter snake and a black racer.

Python Hatching in Florida

Python hatching can be very time consuming. This video shows a baby python come out of its egg. The snake comes out from different parts of the egg, and it shows when the whole shell is completely broken.

Herping Florida with Chris and Mike

In this video you will see a couple of guys who are traveling different places in Florida to find snakes, frogs, crocodiles, alligators, and more. They also explain some facts about each specie they find on their roundtrip in Florida.

Python Swallows Alligator

Burmese pythons eat everything they can catch. In this video, a python amazingly swallows a whole alligator, but after sometime the snake explodes.

Florida's Venomous Snakes - Pygmy Rattlesnakes

The Pygmy Rattlesnakes are the smallest and most common venomous snake in Florida. These snakes only grow to about 12-14 inches, but are responsible for most of the snake bites in Florida. In this video you will get the facts from a wildlife expert.

Snakes Alive - USA

These snakehunters are looking for Burmese pythons that can grow up to 5 meters. These snakes don't attack humans when we keep a fair distance, so don't be too scared if you meet one. Pythons in Florida are a real danger for the wildlife, and this is the reason why people have been given license to hunt them. The video also shows what they do with the caught snakes.

Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake, Fort DeSoto Park

In this video you see a Diamondback rattlesnake in a park and people taking pictures and videos. Also, they are discussing lots of different about them. One guy is saying that you die if you don't get medical attention within 20 minutes after a bite, which is wrong.

Rattlesnake Suprise in South Florida

Here, a guy working almost steps on a snake. He surely is shocked when he sees it. Anyhow he managed to calm down and took this video. The snake seems to be in aggressive mood as its rattle is constantly moving very fast.

I think it is a Copperhead but I'm not sure

Timber Rattlesnake

Garter Snake

Black racer

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